New Job

cartoon_2I had some months off after graduation and all what I did was enjoying a basketball life. It was like putting all worries about career as well as marriage into a basket or a trash bin. Some could say this was sort of boring but I would answer him/ her that they had no clue about how relaxed I felt while doing so. After finishing 4 years, or 6, at college, I kind of wanted to give up everything. They also knew nothing about how anxious me, a young and lazy man, would feel when being thrown into the job market.

My wandering time just ended suddenly when a friend of mine suggested me becoming a journalist. Actually, even if someone passes the entrance exam of any news agency, he has to wait for 3 years working full time in the place before getting promoted to be an official reporter. To be honest, no one had told me about such a profession before and this point of time seemed like a turning point in my life.

Without thinking much about the pros and cons of the job, I took the test and failed but was offered a temporary work contract. What should you do? For me, of course, I said yes. At least I had to try and I did.

Sad but true, after a couple of months working there, being a correspondent remains something vague to me. I have been working as an English editor for some programs of the channel. For half of the time there, I only do the job of a censor assistant, supporting a team of seniors. What should I do next? I am still wondering.


The Right Way!

Someone asked me to give some comments on a subject and I wrote down some ideas of my own. The fact is, truly, I just wanted to write anything crossing my mind. Okay, comments, even they are negative or positive, are something that experess someone’s opinion about a matter.

So, what’s wrong with these comments? Positive ones are good as they convince people that they are doing a good job. However, negative suggestions are also useful since they tell survey conducters which bad points interviees really think about. Negative and positive are a couple, right?

Remember when I had to think about the issue, I was young and felt free to say anything. And now, look at me again, I am no one but a newly graduated man, afraid of saying something straightforward. Some colleagues or strangers at work are easily offened or, maybe, the one in this case will be me. 

The right way? Now it is a question, not a slogan for me anymore.

Is it true? Another question that comes in my mind!

My Girl

It’s not about my dream girl but a manga to read. This one is different from the others. It teaches me how to care about people around me and gives me some other ways to see things in life. For some old matters, let’s change the way you look at them. And then, see? Things’ll be changed or they’re still there with a new look.

The man with hatred in the past has to think carefully about the hate he carried for years as he is discoverying the truth. The woman left him alone without saying why had a secret that it would bring good chances for him if she didn’t live beside him at that time. However, it is wished that her own problem should be shared with him and the others; in fact, he only knows about it after 5 years she’s struggled to live lonely overseas. The happiness of being together as a couple is not the thing he could get, sadly.

The Known Man

One year later, even more than that, people will forget this man. Some say that his crime cannot be forgiven and journalists will always mention his name in a report of social-related matters annually.

It was a hot news in the previous period but it has sunk into obvilion now, I have to say. Some still say bad words about him but how about the family of the girl feel at the moment, it’s the true matter. Hope that the father will say something to this man at the execution ground.

Why is it too hard to forgive, old man? It’s the past and he will have to pay for what he did. He nearly became your son-in-law, remember. Don’t care about what the others say, just care about your true feeling. Also, I send these words to your wife and his mother.

Here comes the poem he wrote:

“Những cơn gió cuối thu
Mùa đông sắp đến rồi
Mùa đông này anh sẽ phải ra đi
Buồn làm chi, có gì đâu em nhỉ
Ồ cuộc đời kết thúc có gì đâu
Một năm bao giờ chẳng thế
Một cuộc tình cũng chỉ đến mùa đông
Có gì đâu mà khóc
Em biết đấy, anh rất tin vào số phận
Mỗi cuộc đời rồi cũng đến nơi yên nghỉ
Anh chỉ là kẻ bỏ đi, hư hỏng
Lang thang trong cộc đời này chưa trọn 30 năm
Anh chỉ như chiếc lá vàng rơi rớt ngoài song sắt
Những chiếc là vàng thiếu nữ xé thành đôi
Rồi đêm nay khi gió mùa đông đến
Nắng tắt, lá rơi và anh cũng chết rồi
Có gì đâu mà tiếc
Anh biết mình sẽ đến một giấc ngủ
Bình minh có lẽ cũng vậy thôi
Em là tia sáng soi suốt cuộc đời anh
Là đốm lửa trong đêm băng giá
Chẳng có ai được hạnh phúc như thế
Vậy mà anh lại để mất rem rồi
Mất tất cả sau một đêm cuồng loạn
Vòng tay ôm cái chết, phủ kín vùng lửa đen
Bàng hoàng, đau đớn, ân hận, xót xa
Nhưng tất cả đã quá muộn rồi
Đã tăm tối như một bờ vực
Tan biến như làn mây mù mịt
Đường xuống địa ngục coi như chính là đây
Có gì đâu mà buồn em hỡi
Thời gian, không gian không ngừng biến đổi
Rồi tất cả cũng hóa thành Xương”

– Nguyễn Đức Nghĩa – 

He will be paying for his crime soon. Truly, it’s sad to see someone being sentenced to death.

Doing a Business

It has been a year since the day I started my business.

There will be a lot of issues I have to care about as I expand my trading area. The small scaled one I am doing is not enough for me to compete with at least two new opponents. They have shown up and drawn a couple of my customers. The worst thing is they have a range of products while I only have a half of what they have. I don’t want to venture into the game. They are not scared of being lost because they are now in the market but I am still an outsider as I will withdraw whenever I see some signs of an economic crisis. I am not serious after all, aitn’t I?

Hồ Dynasty Citadel Added to The World Heritage List

Hồ Dynasty Citadel added to the World Heritage List

On June 27, the UNESCO recognized Hồ Dynasty Citadel as one of the  four new world heritages. From now on, Vietnam houses seven world cultural heritages, including Hội An ancient town, Mỹ Sơn holy land, and Phong Nha – Kẻ Bàng national park. It appears that the government has to do something to preserve this historic building instead of having ignored it for years.

The story behind the ending of the Hồ kingdom hasn’t been heard by anyone except for the descendants of Hồ clan. Therefore, I will translate the articles into some languages in order to help foreigners know about the three men, Hồ Quý Ly and his two sons. Don’t read the textbook, it sucks. In fact, they just teach people that these heroes were captured in a fight and became war prisoners after that. And then, so what did happen, they never talk about it?

Textbook makers and historians knew a little about the truth and none of them, through out the history, wanted to write something about my ancestors. For some tales I’ve ever heard, I don’t believe much because they can be made up to satisfy history lovers and some kinds of readers. The truth may come from the history of China, who knows? Just have a look at this:

They were captured and sent to Guangxi. There Hồ Quý Ly was put to work as a Chinese soldier and security guard until the end of his life.

Truly, it is not enough for me but I have no means to know exactly what happened? The fact that he declared himself a king after dethroning the previous king of Trần was unacceptable to people at the time, therefore, no one wants to talk about his last days then.


They are some close friends of mine. We have known each other for a long time. We have watched ourselves when someone had troubles or had to suffer something unpleasant that time. Buddies, yes we are.

Now I really need someone standing beside me. I have waited for my lover to share with her my problems but she somehow said that each other has to care about our own minor things. Oh my, who can I rely on at the moment? Her, no? Brothers, fucking no? Who? Surprisingly, some who are not close enough.

Thank you all. Thanks for your helps and advises. It is a hard time for me, buddies. But you are here watching me and letting me know that you don’t want to leave me alone. I hate the feeling of being lonely and I always need someone to share my thoughs. Who can help me back to normal after a long night?

I wish my girl could understand me a little bit but it looks like she doesn’t want to listen to me. You are my girl and I love you most. I know that I have to solve this problem myself but, truly, I sometimes need you to sit next to me and listen to me for just one minute.

I love you but I don’t wanna open my heart to you anymore. It is me in this corner talking to myself lonely. Don’t think that I hate anyone and I do like this way of living. No, I love you but leaving someone alone is such a good solution in some cases, especially for me this time.

Different Standpoints

Yesterday, I had a quarrel with a group of people. At first, I never thought that it would be a fight between they and I. Truly, I just wanna to give some comments. However, the way they responded to me was so awful and it would never be erased in my mind. First impressions will be the most important impressions, right? In addition, even they explained that way of acting to me later and tried to persuade me that I can do something like this by email. Oh my god, why not I can do something during the event. It is an EC – English Club and I am a member; I have to be a VIP member to show my feelings. People just wanna suck with others’ points of view and ignore them always. Is it a right way of an English learner to react to people having opposite opinions. Never, right?

I am not this kind of person who cannot forget bad memories. But, it is hard to forget the words of the tall girl said directly to me that I should get out the room if I wanna give some comments against the leaders’ opinions. It is not easy to anyone and a friend of mine reminded me of this saying by showing his disappointment to those words. “It sucks to anyone, you know” – something like this, “It is not the way to talk to people, especially the ones in the same class/ group/ club” – yeah, I agree. Thanks for that comment, I just forgot that manner of hers. You did not and you reminded me at the end of “the lecture.” Will you come back there, as you said and desired to do, once you lost your feelings, can you do? I hope you can forget it, or, another suggest of mine, find a new place to practice and prove yourself.

Different standpoints, thanks to those stuff, people can see how others feel or judge their point of view. It is good, personally, for me and for everyone. If we can see things in only one side, what we know about that is still not enough. Let’s share ideas and discuss, why not? People will kill each other because of that? And, in fact, we ignore others who have different points, it sucks. How many can do differently? Sit down and discuss, it looks like the nights my friends and I sitting together and talking about things. Friendly atmosphere and free discuss, what a team.

I just thought that everything is the same if people really wanna solve problems by sharing opinions. Yesterday, this girl showed me that this attitude is wrong, to her and to the whole people in this room? To add, this glasses guy asked my group to disagree with me to make me feel ashamed, oh sorry, no one said the things he wanted. Thanks for that, my friends. Even you agree with me, or not, you just kept things down in some minutes to think deeply about this problem, not standing up like others to ask me sit down and shut up. You got the point of working in a group, you know.

Need a Change

Long time no see, my buddy. 6 months, there are a lot of things having happened around me and I cannot forget anything. I just found it hard to write them down. The way I chose is closing blogs and then, shutting the mouth. It is good when people have time to sit down and see life in another way. At this time, no one will touch them, leave them alone instead. So do I, I want people do the same thing to me. Truly, I had to lock my walls to create a private space, where no one can disturb me.

The wish this week is for my uncle. If God had existed, or even some powerful man like that, please erase those unfortunate things and bless my family. I have to say sorry to my uncle, this sucking schedule in school took all my free time to help him. I wish I could do something for him but it looks like he needs encouragement and pleasure more than physical helps. If we all can live more slowly, we must sit together and hold hands in hands; time always pass away and no one can take it back.

My English skills have changed much, dramatically or sharply, I am not self-confident to say this but, I need more than that. I want to be qualified for an international conference as the guys in the IBM conference the last month. What he has is not only his highly social status but also the professional communication skills to make an effective speech in front of at least 30 foreigners. How much time I need to be as good as him, at this excellent level? And how can I draw the audience’s attention?

They are the hard questions now and I want to find the answers. Hm, it means that I have to work harder. No one can better himself if he doesn’t want to change. The success is something abstract waiting for us at the end of the unending rough road. The harder I do, the greater I will receive, right? One year or two years, even more than five, I can wait. Four years in college will be passing soon and I have much time left. Intermediate level is a stupid title this time and I want to change it. Advanced level or IELTS band 7.5 is what I really wanna achieve after graduating. So, wait to see.

Money and power will help me much and I need them. Without abilities and finance, I am nothing so I have to prepare well. I don’t want to be silent like that and stay there looking at others, cannot do anything to help. It sucks, for anyone, and I will remember it for the whole my life.


I just have read 20 chapters of a manga called Painting Warriors. These comic chapters talk about the painting warriors in wars of the Christian and the Muslim.  There are a lot of painters in the two armies and their function are to record images of battles by their drawings.

My friends in Sunrise Basketball Club can draw so well because most of them are Architecture students. I didn’t see directly any pictures of them but for some of their work posted on the Internet, they are so wonderful. They included paintings about people and buildings as well as others for natural landscapes.

Sometimes, I want to draw something. Truly, what I can do with a pencil are only drawing a nose with some different faces, which I have learned and practiced while reading Naruto and another thing, making some mind maps. But, compared to some drawings I did see in the past, I wish that I can draw like those people did. They can show all their meanings very clearly and wonderfully.

I have just tried with some paper and at least three pencils as well as an erase.  What I have done is nothing, I just copied some pictures but not really learn and find my own way or style do draw. Especially, when I watched some tutorial videos on Youtube, I did some bad images which made me feel tired of copying those.

Copying is a good way to learn. And taking a drawing course is another way. I know that there are a lot of people can draw well even they never join any club or learn from a class. They copy and then, make their work be a different ones, maybe they look better than the original drawings. They are creative and they are confident in themselves.

I have to pick a pencil up and copy some images. If I just sit here and say things like that, I cannot do anything. The advice my friend has given me is copying and never mind of your bad skills, everyone are newbies at first. Ok, I will try. There is a long way to me when I persuasive myself do what I am not good at but I really love it.

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